• X20 (XP)
  • X20 (SP)
  • X10 (Drop)
  • X10 (Spoil)
  • X20 (Adena)

Lineage II FireStorm

Server Rules

It is forbidden to exploit loopholes in the rules

It is forbidden to do illegal actions

It is forbidden to post personal information (including real names, addresses, emails, passwords, bank account and credit card information, etc.)

It is forbidden to post personal attacks

It is forbidden to harass others

It is forbidden to exploit

It is forbidden to use hate speech

It is forbidden to spam

It is forbidden to advertise other servers

This server is a L2j Emulator . All Copyrights belong to L2j Team www.l2jserver.com

** By The Administration Team**

Online Since: 23/11/2023

Basic Features

90% Retail Like

  • H5 Patch Notes
  • Custom Features

    Auto Loot
    Except Raid-Boss

    NPC Buffer
    Complete Buffs For 2 Hours Duration

    Global GK
    Almost Complete Region Locations

    Custom Geodata
    Adapted From Newer Chronicles

    Offline Store
    Logoff After Making The Store

    Herbs Removed,No Death Penalty, Mana Pots (Giran Grocery)

    Seven Signs

    Mammon Announce

    Party Reduced To 2 Minimum To Enter

    Boosted Seal Stones Drop

    Donate [Limited]

    Class Change
    2nd Class , 3rd Class

    Bronze Pack
    TOP D Grade: Weapon/Armor/Jewel/SS

    Silver Pack
    TOP C Grade: Weapon/Armor/Jewel/SS